The Tree Of Life and It's Meaning

The Tree Of Life and It's Meaning - The Amazing Office Journals

Origins, Meaning and History of the Tree of Life

The origins of the Tree Of Life go back to 7,000 B.C. in Turkey. Symbols of The Tree Of Life have been found in numerous excavations. Then in 3,000 B.C. the Acadians used a tree in their symbols as well. We see the tree very strongly depicted and recorded in Celtic culture, and from there, it spread across the globe over time.

 The tree has appeared in numerous different religions, spiritual teachings, and philosophies ever since its expansion began. It even has roots in mythology. The tree represents many different things to many different groups, but there are some commonalities that we see over and over again. The most basic and common theme is that the tree shows us that all life is connected. While seemingly simple, that idea is expanded on in many ways.

Different Meanings of the Tree

 It is important to know that while some meanings are tied to specific religions, you do not have to be religious to find meaning in the tree. The ideas listed below are considered by many religions and by many cultures to be true. The most important thing is for you to find the meaning that resonates most with you and how you are using the symbol.

Balance and Harmony

 The tree serves as a reminder to have balance in our lives. While it delicately balances between the Earth and the sky, its roots must remain in the Earth, and its branches must remain in the sky in order for it to be sturdy. This symbolism shows us that life itself is a delicate balance, but the Tree Of Life displays it perfectly for us and shows us that it is attainable. They also represent harmony. When the roots stay in the ground, and the branches remain above, the tree is in perfect harmony with itself. Its separate parts come together to make a whole. This symbolism shows us that we can draw from different parts of our life, bring them together, and create a harmony that keeps us driven and moving forward.

Love and Healing

 The tree can represent both love and healing. The way the tree holds steadfast, even in the wind and storms, shows us love. Most trees live beyond the lifetime of humans, so they can represent eternal love for us because they seem as if they may never die. In the same regard, many see trees as healing because they do live such long lives. Even when leaves turn colors and die, they do come back again when new buds sprout. Some cultures believe that this is a sign to us that healing is inevitable and that we are worthy of healing.

Fertility and Family

 The tree represents family with its many branches coming off of the main trunk. This representation reflects our smaller family lines within the same family name. The tree represents the family connection to both ancestors who came before you in the larger sturdier branches and those who will come after you in buds. Fertility is also shown in the buds and is suggested in some representations of the tree with a seed at the base. The roots signify strength in the family unit.


 In some cultures and religions, the tree represents rebirth. This is shown through the life cycle of the leaves. They change color, die, and fall off of the tree. Then new buds grow, fresh leaves sprout, and they become green with life once again. Some believe that humans have a cycle similar to that, where their soul evolved into another lifetime.

Personal Strength

 The tree represents personal strength to some. With such a strongly rooted foundation, the tree grows sturdy and robust. There are many branches on the tree, and they represent the fullness and purpose of your growth. They remind you that you will continue to grow and become the best version of yourself because you have a strong foundation, a strong core, and many avenues to discover.


 Trees, standing tall and strong while their smaller branches sway and the leaves blow in the wind, have a very calming effect on most of us. I feel great peace in the presence of a strong, tall tree. Seeing the tree helps to bring that feeling of calm back to me when I need it.


 The tree shows us that all life is connected. The roots of the tree reach deep down into the Earth and receive nutrients and water. The branches reach up into the sky and receive sunlight. This connection from deep into Earth to high in the sky helps us to feel the connection between the two. The universe used the tree to show us that we are all part of the Earth and must work together.

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