The 7 Common Habits of All Successful Writers

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Whether to become a novelist, a freelance writer, a journalist, or any other type of writer, if you want to be successful, it is wise to adopt habits that can promote success. Many writers who are successful share the same habits. Learning these habits can be very helpful for you. Here is a list of 7 common habits that all successful writers have.

1 - Consistency

    Procrastination is the enemy of the writer. This is because writers typically make more money if they write more words. So, wasted time due to procrastination or disorganization is hugely detrimental to writers who want to be successful. Successful writers make a schedule and stick to it. This helps them to create a sense of consistency, and an expectation of writing a certain amount of words per day.

    For example, Stephen King, one of the most successful writers of the modern era, aims to write about 2,000 words a day. Consistency has helped Stephen King to become successful, and it could help you too!

    2 - Writing in an effective space

    The space that you choose to write in can have a substantial impact on the quality of your work, and your ability to work effectively. Writer’s preferences for work spaces can vary significantly. For example, J.K. Rowling preferred to work in noisy cafes while she was writing the first Harry Potter book, and Dan Brown (author of The Da Vinci Code) prefers to write in a peaceful, quiet cabin with no internet connection.

    If you are going replicate the success of great writers, then you should try to find a space that you are extremely productive in and that you feel enables you to really focus. Doing this can be very beneficial for helping you to create your best work.

    3 - Reading a lot

    Great writers read very frequently in addition to writing very frequently. Reading a lot can help your mind to become better at understanding good language, sentence structure, word choice, and many other relevant things. Reading a lot is an excellent way to learn from professional writers on how to become better at the craft of writing.

    So, if you want to become a successful writer, then you should consider reading more books, ebooks, articles, blogs, etc. All of these things can be helpful.

    4 - Having a thick skin

      Writers often have to face rejection, criticism, and bad reviews. These things can come from editors, fans, journalists, etc. People who choose to do writing for a full-time career can face a substantial amount of criticism over the years.

      However, successful writers do not let criticism or rejection stop them from pursuing their dreams of success. In fact, J.K. Rowling had Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone rejected by 12 publishers before it was finally accepted. Successful writers simply understand that criticism is part of the job. They get used to it, they adapt to it, and they press on in spite of it.

      5 - Speed

      Successful writers are keenly aware of the fact that speed is integral to success in the writing industry. This is because deadlines must be met, and the more work that can be produced, the more money that can be made.

      Speed is also something that writers develop over time through practice. For example, it may take a new writer five hours to write one thousand words, but an experienced writer may be able to writer this amount of words in an hour. This is because practice makes perfect, and because if a person spends enough time writing, then words and sentences simply come to the person quicker than they would otherwise.


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      6 - Goal setting

        Great writers know that it is difficult to hit a target that you are not aiming for. For this reason, they set goals, and they work to accomplish these goals. This could be to get an agent, to get a book published, to publish five articles a week, etc. Whatever the case may be, successful writers do not just write aimlessly, they know what the purpose of their work is, and they work hard to fulfill this purpose.

        Setting small goals and working to achieve these can be helpful if you are just starting out. It is easier to build on small successes than to shoot for the moon as you are beginning.

        7 - Never giving up

          Writers can face many setbacks throughout their career. They may go through a period where they can’t get anything published or no one will hire them, etc. However, successful writers do not give up. They simply persist through the challenges, and they keep going until they achieve their goals.

          At times, this can be very difficult for writers. But they do not let their challenges beat them down. They face them, and they overcome them. This is an essential habit to develop if you want to become a successful writer.

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          If you are planning on becoming a successful writer, then you should know in advance, that it is not necessarily an easy path. It will take hard work, persistence, and dedication. However, the more time that you put into it, the better your writing will likely become, and the higher your chances for achieving success will be.

          Following in the footsteps of successful writers can be extremely helpful for you while you go on your journey towards becoming a successful writer. Cultivating the habits of consistency, writing in an effective space, reading a lot, having a thick skin, speed, goal setting, and never giving up can all be extremely beneficial.

          If you begin to adopt these habits, then you could soon see your success as a writer beginning to grow. In the writing field, reputation can be very influential as well. So, small successes can build on each other and you could see your reputation beginning to rise before long. Hopefully you will experience great success as a writer. These seven habits can help you on your way to realizing your dreams and achieving great writing success.

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