Word Nerd Day is January 9th, Lets Celebrate!

Let’s have some fun today, let’s celebrate Word Nerd Day.
 Word Nerd Day - The Amazing Office
January 9th, is Word Nerd Day, a day to celebrate your inner nerd.

History of Word Nerd Day

It is unknown who started this great annual celebration of those who love words, but my Google research :-) shows that the first occurrence was in 2014.
Word Nerd Day is an inclusive holiday. It accepts any nerd regardless of their level of word nerdiness. If you are a crossword nerd, Scrabble nerd, or a Word With Friends nerd, you should be celebrating.

Ways You Can Celebrate

While there are a myriad of ways to celebrate, I have a few suggestions that I hope will inspire you.
Learn a new, unusual word and use it as often as you can through the day. Be obnoxious. Be annoying. Be vexatious. (See what I did there?). You can find unusual words at Lexico.com.
Set a goal to learn a new word a day. Learning new words will help you enunciate your thoughts precisely. You can buy a Word-Of-The-Day Calendar or bookmark a word-a-day web site to start each day with a new word.
You can start (or continue) playing word games or doing crossword puzzles. I like to play the board game Upwords (a 3D scrabble type of game). 
If you are a logophile and like looking up words in a dictionary or a thesaurus, then you are a Word Nerd. Celebrate and enjoy your day!

What I’m Doing To Celebrate Word Nerd Day

I am re-reading Word Smart, which is a book about words that one needs to know for the GRE or SAT. Well, I’m not reading it, more like randomly selecting interesting words from The Words section of the book.
Word Smart (6th edition) had over 1,400 GRE and SAT worthy words as well as quizzes and a foreign language section.
I exhort all of you Word Nerds, and exalt your nerdiness!


Happy Word Nerd Day! 

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