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The History Of The Love Letter

According to Wikipedia, the oldest love letter is The Love Song for Shu-Sin.
The Love Song for Shu-Sin is addressed to Shu-Sin by a female speaker. It includes erotic language, and the speaker expresses her strong desires and longings for the king.
Since ancient Mesopotamia, love letters have been written in many variations and styles. Currently, there are many acceptable ways to write a love letter. These variations include a variety of options for writing, formatting, and delivering your love letter.
A quick note before I continue, I will be using examples of writing to a woman. While this is the most common format, Women writing to a man is also popular and, as mentioned earlier, was the format of the oldest love letter.

The Process of Writing a Love Letter

Writing a love letter is very personal, and the style and format will depend on your tastes. Here is one method that I used.
The nine sections needed to write a successful love letter:
1 - Greeting
The greeting or salutation should be intimate.
Examples: "My Dearest Kathy" but it can be more informal yet intimate such "Hey, Babe". Using pet names can also be used to make it even more personal.
2 - Opening paragraph
The opening paragraph is where you mention why you are writing the love letter.
Examples: "Valentines' Day" to "just because".
3 - Recalling the past
Bring up a personal and endearing moment or feeling from the relationships past.
Example: "I remember when we first met, I knew from the moment our eyes met that you were that special one.
4 - Describing how you currently feel
Describe something that happened recently that reminded you of why you fell in love.
Example: "When we were celebrating New Year's Eve recently, I noticed that you still had the quirky smile that originally captured my heart. ..."
5 - Describe how your life has changed
Every intimate relationship changes a person. Describe how spending time with her and falling in love with her has changed you.
Example: "My life is enriched by your beauty, your kindness, and your thoughtfulness. Our relationship has driven me to be a better person."
6 - Describe how you are looking forward to a future with them
A love letter should not only express your current love but also expectations of a better and brighter future together.
Example: "While our time together has been beyond enchanting, I truly believe the best is yet to come. Before we met, I seldom thought about what the future held. Today I am looking forward to what the future holds because of you."
7 - Conclude by re-affirming your love and commitment
Solidify your feelings of love as a conclusion to the letter.
Example: "Before we met, I didn't understand the true meaning of
love but, since falling in love with you, I have learned that love has many levels, and I am looking forward to being with you and experiencing the, as yet unknown levels that love holds."
8 - End with a line that sums up your love
A conclusion or dedication of your feelings as an emotional conclusion is a nice touch.
Example: "I simply wanted to tell you that I love you, and I am looking forward to our future together."
9 - Signature
You'll want to end your letter with some passion, so use any signature line that fits your feelings.
Example: "All my heart", "Always and forever", "Under your spell,", and "With all my love on (Valentine's Day) and always".

Now It's Your Turn

Grab your journal (see our journals at our store The Amazing Office) and outline a love letter to someone. Love letters can be to a woman, man, or even your cat!
Once you have outlined your letter, find come quality paper and a nice pen. Love letters are best when handwritten. I have found that after outlining my thoughts in my journal, writing directly with pen on paper allows for the flow of raw emotion that is needed when writing a love letter.
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