How To Use A Journal To Relieve Stress

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How To Use A Journal To Relieve Stress

   Journal writing is therapy. It's one of the best ways to clear my head after a long day. It helps me get my feelings on paper so I can feel better. A stress journal is one of the best ways you can focus on the positive things in your life, and move forward to better things.


The Basics

   A stress diary, or just journaling in general, is all about the simple aspect of writing. You don't have to be a best selling author to journal. It's all about getting your feelings out on paper. No one else reads it, so it's all about you. There are a few ways you can get started with journal writing. It works best for your soul if you write consistently. It's important to relieve stress by focusing on the emotional processing of the things that you're writing, no matter when you write.

   One of the best ways to get your feelings out on paper is to write them out in detail. Write it as if you're talking to a best friend. Think of the journal as your therapist. Brainstorm solutions and write them down. There is no right or wrong thing to write. No one is going to see this, so your problems and solutions are all yours.


The Mental Benefits of A Stress Journal

   Whether you use your journal to detail stress or life in general, journaling has many benefits. You gain knowledge about yourself on a whole other level. You clarify feelings and thoughts. Sometimes by writing things down, you see yourself as someone on the outside, so it isn't so hard to figure things out.

   It's essential to write about important events in your life. This activity helps you process these events. If something happened that threw you totally for a loop, writing about it will help you release the negative emotions. You're engaging your left and right brain, letting all of your feelings come together. If you're stressed about something in your life, journaling will help you focus on the positive aspects. You can see it in another light.


The Physical Benefits of A Stress Diary

   Writing isn't all about the emotional benefits. You may find your physical health is better after you release emotions as well. Many times writing in a journal helps you decrease issues from arthritis and asthma. You'll also notice your cognitive function is better. Writing may even increase your immune system response. Stress is hazardous to your health, so releasing it helps you without you even realizing it.



   Writing in a journal forces you to turn off the outside world. You don't need to stare at a screen during this time. You don't need to worry about anything except what you are writing on the paper. This is a unique time in today's age, where you are focused on only your pen and paper. You'll be surprised at all your mind can unravel when you aren't scrolling social media. You will unlock an entirely new world.


How To Use Different Types of Journals

   If staring at a blank piece of paper scares you, don't fret. You don't have to choose this type of journal. There are different types to buy. There's no right or wrong way to write. You know what works best for your personality.

   Gratitude Journal- Many people love to write things they are thankful for in a journal. You can make a list each day. You can even write paragraphs about these things. This helps you focus on the positive things and people in your life. You get to keep a nice little record of all the wonderful things that happened during that time of your life. If you're ever feeling down in the dumps, reading your gratitude journal often brings you a smile.

   Stress Diary - It's sometimes great to just write out your worries on the pages of a journal. You can release your emotions in words. It's a way to deal with the stress of life. This will also help you process your feelings. You don't have to only write about your stresses. You can also write about your positive experiences as long as you're sharing your feelings.

   Personal Planning Journal - It's sometimes wonderful to have goals set in front of you. Once you write them out, they become a sort of vision board. You can write what you would like to do in your personal and professional life. You can keep track of big or little goals. This helps keep you focused on things in writing. It also helps you feel better organized in your life.

   Back To Basics Journal - As I mentioned before, an everyday journal is perfect for anyone that likes to vent. You get a blank piece of paper to write all of your thoughts and feelings. You can draw and doodle as you go as well. The best thing about this basic journaling technique is you don't have any rules.


How To Get Started

   The best way to start to write is just to sit down and see what flows. Write for about 15 minutes. If you need to start with as little as five minutes, that's great. Let the words just flow out of you. Write until you have everything in your mind on the paper. It doesn't matter what you say. Write in detail about what is going on in your life. You might feel anxious about some of these things. Get it out on paper.

   Write about your fears and worries in life. How do you feel about them? What are your worst fears? What is the worst that could really happen?

   Starting to write is simple. No one is going to tell you that you are doing it wrong. Follow your heart when you begin to write.

   If life gets crazy and you forget a few days or even a few months, you can always come back to your journal. It never leaves you. Stress journaling is beneficial to you no matter what you're going through in life. You can use any day to jump back into the pages. You'll be thankful for the weight lifted off your shoulders after a good release of emotion when writing. It's easy and fun to throw your mind onto a piece of paper. Once you start writing in your journal, you'll soon notice the positive effects it brings in your life.



Now It’s Your Turn

   Grab your writing journal (see our journals at The Amazing Office) and start relieving your stress.

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