Easter Writing Activities For The Family

Easter Writing Activities For The Family - The Amazing Office Journals

Easter is here! Let's look at some family Easter writing activities to bring your family together this holiday.

Easter Writing Activities For The Family

While Easter is a traditional Christian holiday, it is known today as a time for family and honoring tradition. After rounding up the family for an Easter egg hunt and sitting down for a delicious Easter feast, there are a few other Easter activities you can choose that can help to bring your family together.

As Easter is a great time to remember to be grateful for what you have and honor the sacrifices that have been made to give you these things, it is an excellent time for some reflective journaling. 

Journaling is a great way to bring the whole family together. That's why we've thought of a few great ways to use a solid journaling practice to inspire and delight your family this Easter season.


Pastels Everywhere

Pastels have become nearly synonymous with the spring holiday. Because of this, I make sure to use lots of colors when doing any Easter journaling.

Because journaling can be an extremely artistic pursuit, this is a time to break out any pastel pens or markers you've been saving. These colors will make any headers, tables, or designs you add to your journal pop without exerting too much effort.

What's more, the kids in your family will absolutely love the additional splash of color in their journals!


Caption Contest

While most immediately think of writing exercises when thinking of journaling, I love adding a drawing component to my Easter journaling.

Adding a drawing to any journaling exercise is especially fun if there are a lot of kids in your family, but it can be pretty funny if just enlisting adults too. Because Easter is well-known for colorful eggs and friendly bunnies, why not task your family with drawing out the best Easter egg design they can think of?

Or why not ask them to create an Easter scene with a bunny and some chicks? Asking your family to draw what Easter means to them is a great time to get those creative juices flowing and see what the holiday truly means to everyone around.

Then, get your family writing by swapping everyone's drawings and turning the exercise into a caption contest! This exercise is a personal favorite of these Easter writing activities for me as we've come up with some pretty hilarious and heartwarming stuff this way. Just be sure to keep the caption-writing part a secret until after they're done drawing. It'll get the best reaction!


What Does Easter Mean to You?

On the subject of discovering what Easter means to you, this is a simple yet great journal prompt. Asking your family to take a few minutes to jot down what the holiday means to them and asking them to share is a great way to get some quality family bonding time. 

What's more, it's a great way to see the holiday from a new perspective. Holidays often hold a different meaning to others, making them both special and personal.  


Think of Your Favorite Easter Memory

 Another similar journaling topic can be to ask your family to write down the story of their favorite Easter memory. Whether it's about when Grandpa hid an Easter egg in the fireplace, or when you detailed your favorite Easter candy, there are likely plenty of stories your family will remember.

 The hope of this exercise is that you will end up with a variety of truly hilarious and heartwarming memories to remind you of why this time of year is so special. It can be hard to stop and enjoy the moment, but exercises like these can help us to remember to embrace the moments we're living in while they're happening. 


Get Your Tasks Done, Advent Style

While Advent Calendars are typically sold only around Christmas, they propose a great reward system around Easter. Although the Christmas version serves as a countdown to the holiday in which you get a piece of chocolate every day, I've decided to tweak my Easter version just a little. 

Using my journal, I like to make a countdown for Easter, similar to the countdown to Christmas. Whatever style you'd prefer for this is fine, so long as it's clear and easy for you to follow. 

After this, I like to turn each space for each day into a task. Whether I'm working on one big task and want to make progress each day or want to come up with small tasks every day, I use my Easter journal calendar as my tracker and my reward system. 

This activity can be a great way to enjoy the month with your children. Sit down and ask them to think of a goal for the month or a few tasks. For example, if your child has chosen to give up soda for the accompanying Lent, then make staying away from soda their daily task. 

Another variation of this I like is to have your child come up with one kind thing to do a day. Whether it's to call their Grandma that day or rake their neighbor's lawn, there are a bunch of great small things they can do to add a little positivity to someone's day. 

Then, I like to make it part of our nighttime ritual for them to show me their journal. Hopefully, they'll have completed their task, and maybe even journaled a little bit about what they did along the way. 

Regardless of the setup, you can easily change this one to fit your style, go ahead and reward them each day! Whether you've chosen to reward them with some chocolate, on the theme for both Advent Calendars and Easter, with some added tech time, or whatever you've decided, reward them for their small victories. 


Write Your Own Easter Story

Journals are an excellent way to get those creative juices flowing. You can easily use this time to turn your journal into a daily creative prompt journal or just use it as a one-time creative entry. 

Because there's so much lore surrounding the holiday, it's likely your family will find a lot to say with this creative assignment. This can easily be a religious exercise or focus on the popular lore of characters such as the Easter Bunny, whatever your family is most comfortable with. 

Regardless of what you've chosen, give your family free rein to write the best story they can. Remind them of the meaning for the season and the themes of gratitude and sacrifice, and see what they can come up with. 

Even the family member least interested in creative writing is likely to wow you with this one - it's one of my personal favorite Easter writing activities. There's so much room to explore, so give your family the freedom to come up with a neat story. 

Those looking for an added challenge can even try connecting everyone's stories together - if they're up for the challenge! 

A Time for Family

Above all, it's important to remember that Easter is truly a time for family. While journaling is often thought of as a solitary process, it's actually a great way to get your family talking about things they may be too shy to say out loud.  

In fact, the more you flex your journaling muscle, the more you'll come to enjoy the practice as a whole. We hope your family will feel the same and that their journey with journaling as a part of their Easter activities is only their beginning!

Now It's Your Turn

In the spirit of Easter, grab your journal (see our journals at our store The Amazing Office) and write about your favorite Easter activity. This activity is a fun exercise, and your appreciation for Easter grow as you write.



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The great gift of Easter is hope.

- Basil Hume

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